Life Of The Party Exclusives

Each Month Five Life Of The Party Exclusives become available to members of the Life Of The Party Recognition Program.

Here’s an overview of this program:

The Life of the Party program was built with one purpose: to celebrate our party people! These are the Consultants who eat, sleep and breathe Paparazzi pink. They thrive on feeding their customers’ $5 habits and seem to leave a trail of bling everywhere they go. They are hard at work building booming retail empires by partying for a living every chance they get. You can watch their eyes light up as they share their obsession with anyone who will listen, and they absolutely thrive on the fun that fuels Paparazzi.

When you become the Life of the Party, it is evident that you know how to work a room. You know how to make your guests feel like the stars of the show. You are warm, inviting, contagious, spunky, and fun – and you are changing the world $5 at a time.

Showing all 5 results

Showing all 5 results